Forgan Arts Centre, Newport-on-Tay, Fife.

Fortnightly Fridays between Jan 26th and March 22nd.

Tutor Donald Spy will guide the class through the process of willow weaving using a selection of Fife and Somerset willows.

During this fortnightly course, you will be taught all the basic skills needed to make simple round baskets using traditional ‘stake and strand’ techniques. Each class will focus on a particular technique with time for practice and questions.

This class is limited to just 6 students.

Session 1 – Bases & design considerations/anatomy of a basket
Round bases, tying in the slath, pairing weave, joining weavers, tension, and shaping. 

Session 2 – Upset & waling
Types of waling, 3 & 4 rod, pull down, chasing. Starting the upset, controlling uprights.

Session 3 – Randing & side weaves
Choice of willow, randing styles, French & English, controlling shape.

Session 4 – Borders
Types of borders, track and rod borders, choosing the right border for your basket.

Session 5 – Handles & catch-up
Handle types, inset, bow, wrapped, solid. Recap on basket design decisions and choice of materials.

This course is suitable for beginners who want to try willow basketry for the first time, and also for people who have done a little basketry already and want to do more.

All materials and tools will be provided.

Please be aware that working with willow is hard work for the hands and brain, so expect to be a little tired by the end of your busy but enjoyable day!

The session includes a short break for refreshments. Tea and coffee is available at the centre.

Fridays –
26 January
9 & 23 February
8 & 22 March

For more info and to book visit Forgan Arts

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