The full SBC library is catalogued below. To take out a book select ‘Borrow this book’ on the book and complete the request form, and then sit back and wait for it to arrive in the post!

You can borrow up to 2 books at a time for a period of three months. The busiest time for the library is during the AGM/Autumn gathering where it’s the tradition to have all the books on show for members to browse through, so if you’ve had a book for a while it’s helpful to return it in time for this event.
Please return books to the SBC Librarian, Aurore Whitworth, 20 Lotts, Skerray, Sutherland KW14 7TH

As an added membership benefit all outward postage costs will are covered by the SBC and members will only be responsible for the price of the return postage. (This benefit applies to U.K members only)

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No Image Available 500 Baskets Cane, Contemporary, Raffia, Rush, Splint, Straw, Willow Susan Mowery Kieffer
No Image Available Basket Cane, Willow Polly Pollock
No Image Available Cane, Rush and Willow Cane, Rush, Willow Hilary Burns
No Image Available Country Crafts Cane, Straw, Willow Anne Dyer, Lettice Sandford, Zena Edwards
No Image Available The Art of the Creel Cane, Natural fibres, Rush, Willow Hugh Chatham and Dan McClain
No Image Available The Nature of Basketry Bark, Cane, Coiled Basketry, Natural fibres, Raffia Ed Rossbach
No Image Available Vannerie Cane, Rush, Straw, Willow Didier Carpentier, Joel Bachelet