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500 Baskets

 Author: Susan Mowery Kieffer  Category: Cane, Contemporary, Raffia, Rush, Splint, Straw, Willow  Publisher: Lark Books (NC)  Published: 2006  ISBN: 9781579907310  ISBN: 1579907318  Language: English  Request to Borrow

“Embracing a breathtaking range of new techniques, styles, and materials, beautiful basketry offers more options than ever before. And these 500 exquisite artisan pieces will open crafters’ eyes to the varied and wonderful possibilities. These baskets, made by top creators from around the world–including Ed Rossbach, Michael Davis, Lillian Elliot, Gyongy Laky, Patti Lechman, and Mary Giles–as well as the best emerging newcomers, range from exquisitely functional to purely decorative, from classical to ultramodern’ — publisher website (April 2007).

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