16th-19th May 2024.

Naturally Useful, Moray.

This course is suitable for beginners and improvers, for those wanting to expand their experience and knowledge in basket making.

There are various bigger-than-usual baskets which could be made during this weekend (which there wouldn’t be time for on a 1 day course). Options include: a backpack, log basket, handbag, shopper (oval/round/square/sculptural). Karen will guide you through the making of your own projects.

Arriving Thursday 5pm, we start with an evening meal together (we will prepare a wee feast for you all – let us know of any dietary requirements). Leaving time of around 2pm on Sunday.

You will be staying in one of our accommodations – Shepherd hut, Gypsy wagon, Octagonal cabin or Caravan.

If you have a camper van or would like to stay in a tent or find your own accomodation or live nearby, we can arrange the course fee accordingly.

Course fee £440.
For more information and to book visit Naturally Useful

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