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Straw and Straw Craftsmen

 Author: Arthur R. Staniforth  Category:  Publisher: Shire Publications  Published: 2009  ISBN: 0747801037  ISBN: 0747801037  Language: English  Request to Borrow

Although its uses have dwindled over the years, straw was once a greatly valued by-product of cereal crops. When harvested and stored well, it can be attractive, fragrant and resilient, and for generations straw has been used for decorative and practical purposes. This book explores the many different uses of straw, from early bedding and matting, straw huts and thatched roofs to stuffed horse collars, archery targets, and woven baskets. Using illustrations of a variety of straw crafts and considering the development of these skills, this book is a perfect introduction to a rural craft that has survived for centuries.

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