I grow willow on the Black Isle and also cut willow at Diabaig on the West Coast. I grow a variety of S. purpurea as well as S. viminalis 'Continental' and S. alba 'Chermesina'. I can supply a mixture of S. purpurea 'Packing Twine' and 'Brittany Blue' at 3 - 6 foot lengths. This gives a subtle variation in colour when dry.
Growing willow in South Lanarkshire, varieties Carl Jensen, Bleu, Brittany Green, Daphnoides I usually harvest in February and welcome volunteers who can help themselves to cuttings material. Otherwise I can sell cuttings.
I grow around 40 varieties on our croft in the North of Scotland and happy to sell or swap cuttings.
We grow willow on our smallholding in Deeside, Aberdeenshire and have a wide range of willow varieties to suit everything from, living willow sculpture/structures to basketry and craft-making. We are adding to our range every year and for basketry/crafts we currently grow Green Dicks, Dicky Meadows, Brittany Green, Dark Dicks, Flanders Red, White Welsh, and Black Willow either as green or brown whips. We can also supply cuttings for those looking to grow their own.
Barfad Willow is a small willow growing business based in Ardfern, Argyll, on the west coast of Scotland. Fifteen varieties of willow are grown providing a range of sizes, textures and colours. There is lots of information on the pages of the website and you're very welcome to contact Carol by phone on 01852 500347, or by e-mail at carolatbarfad@live.com
Willow available from 2023 please contact us for more details.