Dawn Susan


On Bernera at the local community centre cafe and at Driftwater Weaves Tapestry Studio, Tobson. On Lewis at Morven Gallery, Barvas, see website for opening, Uig community shop, Uig, and An Lanntair, Stornoway.


I have been making baskets since 2000 and enjoy growing lots of willow on the croft where I live. My work uses willow with the bark on with as many different colours that will grow here. As well as traditional baskets and creels I enjoy making sculptural pieces which include other woods like alder and birch from the croft. I usually teach once a month at An Lanntair Arts Centre in Stornoway, Lewis. I have taught creel making for the SBC and frame basketry in Hull for Artlink.


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Willow Grower/Seller


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Beginner, Intermediate
willow and other woods, living willow
Willow Basketmaking, Round, oval, square, frame and creels. Living willow fedges. Hurdles