Esparto Grass with Simone Simons

Esparto is a grass native to Spain, Portugal and North Africa. It is used to combat desertification and to make a wide variety of articles. The fibres are strong, flexible and water-resistant. The principal technique used is braiding, with braids sewn together to make the article. Plaits or 3, 5 or 9 strands are made and there are a variety of stitching techniques, depending upon the article being made. 

The course is suitable of beginners as well as the more experienced.  Every student will make at least one piece and everybody can make until a certain level, her / his own decisions around the form and volume of their piece and of course following their own taste and possibilities. Materials and equipment will be supplied (materials ~£10).

See for examples of what can be created.

Simone Simons
Hepple Village hall, Near Rothbury, Northumberland
Date and time: 
!4/15 April 2018, 10.00-16.00
Charlotte Boxall - or 01669640265